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How to Direct Sell (without losing friends!)

by Christie Campbell on

How to acquire customers, follow the ethics of direct selling and build yourself a business without losing your personal contacts and relationships.... Read full article

10 Reasons to start a Home Based Business.


Some people dream of waking up every morning being their own boss; someone who gets to build a vision that is uniquely their own, and fuels their livelihood. If that idea appeals to you, then it is worth exploring entrepreneurship. ... Read full article

The Abundance Mindset in your Life and Business.


More and more entrepreneurs are adopting the abundance mindset as a way to grow their business. By embracing the idea that opportunities are not scarce, you will free yourself from the feeling of being emotionally drained, and controlled by the fear ... Read full article

Vision for your life.

by Stacey Berger on

Where Are You Going & Is It Somewhere You'd Love To Be? Do you have the answer to that question? I mean the real answer to that question? If you don't know where you are going how can you determine the best route, the resources and the support y... Read full article

10 Ways to Market Your Business Affordably


When you're just starting out or even when you've been running a business for a while, effective marketing that brings you exposure and, ultimately, new clients can be challenging. Here are 10 affordable marketing activities to get more customers. ... Read full article

“The Perfect Fit” Marketing Tips

by Pamela Chatry, Premier Business Advisor on

Too many business owners operate under the belief that their product or service will be of interest to everyone. Spending time identifying your “Perfect Customer” before you write a marketing plan will help eliminate the wrong customers. ... Read full article

15 Tips for Using Facebook for Business


Most of us use Facebook regularly to connected with friends and family, but what about when you own a small business? Where do you start to build an online following on Facebook?... Read full article