10 Reasons to start a Home Based Business.

10 Reasons to Start a Home-Based Business


Some people dream of waking up every morning being their own boss; someone who gets to build a vision that is uniquely their own, and fuels their livelihood. If that idea appeals to you, then it is worth exploring entrepreneurship. Here are 10 reasons to start a home-based business:


  1. It’s life friendly - Working from home allows you to cut out the middleman when life gets in the way. Your child is sick and can’t go to school? Luckily, you don’t have to fret with getting a sitter, or pulling strings with your boss, because your job is done straight from home!

  2. Flexibility - Hate waking up to get to the office for 9am? When you are working from home, you hold the power to set your own hours and rearrange your schedule to what times are most convenient for you! Need to book a day off? No problem!

  3. Comfort - The idea of sweating in stiff, business attire while working away in a bleak, grey, stuffy cubical isn’t exactly the most invigorating vision for a workplace; not to mention it isn’t exactly mentally stimulating. By having a home-based business, you can work in a space that is motivating, inspirational and energizing. Plus, you can work in the comfort of your pajamas or yoga pants, which is always a bonus!

  4. Personalized goals - When you own your own business you are able to work towards the goals that are most important to you. You can align your business with your core values, set standards, and drive your own growth. Being able to embrace your values daily while you work will help you feel more purposeful and fulfilled.

  5. Reduced stress - Without the constant pressure to keep up with office politics, or feeling like someone else is breathing down your neck, you will be able to work in a more relaxed state. With the flexibility of setting your own hours, and being totally in the driver's seat of your own business, you can ensure that you will never compromise you life for your job.

  6. Financial benefits - Working from home can offer a lot of financial benefits. Did you know that if you are using your cellphone for business, you deduct that expense on your taxes? How about a portion of your rent or mortgage deducted for having an in-home office? What about the money you save on food and gas? You aren’t only working to earn your own money, but you are also eligible for the benefits that come from operating at home.

  7. Building your own team - Once your business is ready to grow, you are able to build a team that aligns with your vision. This opens the opportunity to surround yourself with intelligent, liberating, and influential people that will help drive you and your business forward.

  8. Personalized growth - Owning your own business allows you to explore and learn in ways which may surprise you. Not only are you granting yourself the opportunity to expand in areas that you are passionate about, but you will find that you will need to explore ideas that would have never occurred to you. Has budgeting always been your weakness? Maybe working from home will be the perfect opportunity to develop that skill.

  9. Unlimited potential - No one will limit you from climbing the ladder to success, or be able to stand in your way of earning the titles that you want. Being in control of your own business means that you get to decide when your next milestones are, when you are ready to expand, receive a raise, or promote yourself.  

  10. You’re your own boss - By far the best part of having your own home-based business is that you are your own boss. Being in charge and in control of big decisions is very empowering to a lot of people, and something which may just be for you!   


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