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Track your goals, to keep your efforts focused Set up 90 Day action plans, to better shape your To-Do lists Create quarterly marketing plans - align ~ budget ~ measure Reviews your month at glance, so you never miss an event or meeting Narrows down to a week at a glance for the nitty gritty planning Daily journaling for those ideas that have a tendency to take flight Offers a perpetual design (undated) that allows you to start planning *now! No need to wait until 2020. Get working on your last quarter of 2019 right away! Lies flat for ease of use, feels good, looks great in a comfortable 6”X9” format



Madsen Avenue introduces Encore:CEO

Madsen Avenue introduces Encore:CEO

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We provide small business owners with tools and training so you can create a marketing plan to attract and retain your ideal clients, express your unique value and grow your businesss in the direction of your dreams.


Sherwood Park, Alberta