Join The SearchARep Affiliate Program

Get commission from new subscribers.

Help build the community and we’ll pay you!

The Affiliate Program is available for Ultimate Tier Members, and allows individuals to earn 25% commission by inviting others to sign up for an Annual or monthly Ultimate Membership.

You can earn money by inviting your team, friends and family to join SearchARep, and help to grow a thriving community for small businesses.

If this doesn’t sound like you, try our listing sign up page here.

How Does it Work?

Subscribers with the Ultimate Tier Membership are eligible to join the Affiliate program. After signing up to become an Affiliate, members will be given a unique link which they can share with others. The Affiliate Member will then earn a 25% commission for each new person who signs up for an Ultimate Member Annual or monthly subscription with the unique link.

Perks of becoming an Affiliate:

Earn 25% of the Ultimate Member subscription fee for each new person who signs up using your link for as long as they are a member in good standing. Invite your team, friends and family and help grow community. It’s as easy as sharing a link! SearchARep will do the rest to get you recurring revenue!

Requirements and Disclaimers

Only Ultimate Tier Members are able to sign up for our affiliate program. Not a member? Sign up now. 25% commission is awarded for every new annual or monthly Ultimate Member subscription.